Montag, 29. August 2011

I'm in America! :)

Hey guys,
 yes, I'm in America now. :) In fact for over a week. But it happens
so incredibly much every day  that I couldn't write.
I'm doing great anyway. It is so incredibly beautiful here, my family is great. The children, Parker and Ellory are very sweet and it's great to have younger siblings. :) The school is okay too. The teachers are really cool and also a few people talk with me now. In my one class is another exchange student from Germany. ;)
I've already had some great experiences, and till  this afternoon we were in a cabin of my hostfamily in the mountains. That was very cool. There is a beautiful lake and we had a cool fire. :)
Also, I've already learned many american things. Not only new words but also new traditions, customs, food, etc. The church is much better here. : D This is really fun and even exciting, even  listening to the pastor. : D
Yesterday we were on a "Corn Roast Festival": tasty corn, good music and a lot of fun;)
In the morning there was a parade because of this occasion, and I marched along with the cheerleaders from my new team of my high school. It was fun, but it was super exhausting because it was really hot. : D
Yes I also was in school yet. I visit the Loveland High School in Colorado;) I think it's pretty cool. Great building, great courses and the typical American "School Spirit"! : D:)
Of course,I'm really  missing you, but I really enjoy the time. :)
Today I could finally see the video that my German friends have made ​​for me. Thanks to all of you. :): * And yes, I cried. : D
I will continue writing this blog now in English and German, so my host family can read it too. ;)
LG Yvonne:): *

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