Donnerstag, 15. September 2011

Best Weekend! :)

Hello,I'm doing better every single day. In 4 days it's been 1 month since I arrivedhere and on the one hand I can not believe how fast time goes by, and on the other hand I feel just like it's my home here, and as if I've ever belonged to this family. :)
Last weekend was especially nice. I didn't go to school on Friday and we were leaving the house very early in the morning with the truck + camper. Besides me and  my family, also my host aunt and her boyfriend, my host uncle and his girlfriend, and the parents of my host mother Joy came with us.

Overall, we were driving about 6 hours and  it was pretty stressful to sit so long, but we finally arrived. : D The camp we stayed in was very nice and in nature and there were small cabins, we could rent if you do not want to camp or sleep in the camper. We arrived around noon, have furnished us,ate something and go to visit the "Bear Country USA"!

It was the coolest animal park I've ever seen. As you go with your own car through and all the animals run around freely,so they can go  directly to your car window. :) It was really cool and the animals that are there are also found in the wild nature here: moose, bears, wolves, goats and more. And after we were gone through the whole park we went to the baby land, where the babies and small animals live like in a zoo. when we saw those cute little bearbabies I could have stayed for hours just watching them. Then we went into a souvenir shop where I've got a few postcards. : D

Having then a short break at the camper for snack (Smores over the campfire: D), we drove to Mount Rushmore monument. It is just incredible! So huge. Very impressive. We have heard a little information with a film and then we saw how the monument was lightning at night.

The next day we went back to the Mount Rushmore monument, but this time the whole day to watch it again right at daylight. Then we also had a look at the museums and have taken the nature walk way  around the mountains. That was really great.On the one side, a great view of Mount Rushmore Memorial and on the other side, the forests, the mountains ... - And best of all: We had the most beautiful weather ever! :) In the afternoon / evening, only my family and I have gone through a national park, the rocks there were very pretty and we also got beautiful views of the countryside in South Dakota, while the others remained at the camp.
The next day we slowly got ready again and wegot a little bit through the cute little town that was near us. the town had only this small, old-fashioned shops, a train and the typical western saloons. : D Very cute! :)Then it was time to say goodbye and unfortunately sit another 6 hours. : ( But it passed really quickly. :)

This coming Saturday I have my YFU meeting (with my organization) and the evening is my homecoming dance. I'm sooo excited. :) I've got my dress / shoes / jewelry ect. yet and I love my dress. :) Yeah, every weekend is so "special", I have no time to rest. : D: D

Maybe that's the reason why I am the only exchange student, lost 5 kilograms now instead of gaining weight. I like it! :D

Lovely GreetingsYvonne:)

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