Dienstag, 20. September 2011

Homecoming! :)

As already announced, I want to tell you a little bit about Homecoming! It was wunderful! :) So the first thing I had to do with my host mom was to find a dress, shoes, jewelry, ... ... and TADAAAA we finally found it and luckly I had chosen one of the best dresses for only $ 45 (about 36€) :) The shoes also have cost only $ 30, that is about 24 . Then the weekend: Friday was the Homecoming game. Our team has played miserably and lost 0:48 : D Still, it was super cool because everbody was super happy and I could see the School Spitit for the first time. Everyone had fun, and almost no one has really looked at the game. : D
On Saturday came the great day of dance. It was one of the best experiences so far here, that I was allowed to collect. :)
We had the theme "A Night at Hogwarts" and respect for the decoration, which was awesome. It looked almost exactly like in the movie:) And at the assembly before our teachers were dressed up as Mr. Dumbledore, etc: D: D
The entrance has cost me 25 dollars, but all-in-all it was like a disco in Germany, just that you could buy 
water instead of alcohol. : D What you had to! It was too hot in the gym and we were so many  people: D There was also a photographer and in school today I pick up the pictures. Then I can post them. :) All in all it was a really nice evening and we have danced all night! : D (My feet were black because after the first 5 min everybody hab taken their shoes off.: D)
Love and miss u. Yvonne :)

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