Dienstag, 6. September 2011

Having a great time! :)

Because today, Monday, was "Happy Labor Day"  I had no school and we drove back over the weekend to the cabin in the mountains. I love this place more than anything. It is the paradise on earth. This time, however, we were not only five people. Because my host-grandparents were also there. Also, my host-aunt and her boyfriend and I met the cousins ​​of Ivan, even if they have not stayed with in our cabin, just as the others. This time it was still great.

We had a fun breakfast with pancakes at a facility in the pleasant area. :)And then we went to the lake for crabbing! That was so cool. We had a piece of chicken at the end of the fishing role and have caught crabs, which have made only too happy to take the bait  :D. At the end we got them all back out towards the water and left a kind of race and made a bet which is probably the first. : D 
Later, Ivan went with me and Ellory to the other side and we got his boat. I've tried to row too, but my "control arts" are moregoing to a circle than in the right direction. : D Also, I had a real hummingbird sitting on my finger! They are much smaller than I thought but they are so sweet and nice and colorful. They have a lot of them here and who knows,whether it was because of my red nail polish or not,  but one of those has sat on my fingerwhile snacking on the "feeder" (filled with sugarwater like what they normally got out of the red flowers): DThe next day we were out again with the boat.The lake, the mountains,  I love nature of Colorado! :) We wanted to search for moose, but unfortunately there was nothing to see. : (
But it was so beautiful anyway and then I have seen quite a lot of cute little chipmunks and birds later and in the grass was a deer hiding. I've never been so close to one. :) So sweet. Of course, there was a campfire again with "Smore"  (marshmallows in crackers with chocolate .. like I have leraned: the name Smore derived  of "you always want: SOME MORE): D Anyway, I feel really well here, even the school is much tougher than I thought because a lot of homework. I'll see if I change my schedule and choose easier courses because I have to repeat the year in Germany anyway.Love and miss you. Yvonne:)

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